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Airspace in London

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Airspace is the usually unused space above the roofs of existing buildings. This space can be utilized by creating additional storeys of residential accommodation in London where there is a shortage of vacant plots of land, providing homes in densely populated areas where the demand is often at its strongest. Airspace development can be far more environmentally friendly than traditional development schemes as older building are upgraded and extended rather than demolished and rebuilt entirely. Our off site construction methods also contribute to the increased sustainability of airspace development by reducing carbon emissions as well as reducing time onsite, construction noise, dust and pollution.


At London Penthouse we have a wealth of experience in carrying out logistically challenging projects above existing buildings across London. Our award winning construction team have a proven track record of delivering high quality development projects on even the most difficult to access sites. You can see some of our schemes here.

At London Penthouse we recognise that the prospect of having an airspace development carried out on your home can be daunting, We strive to keep disruption to residents and neighbours to a minimum during the project. We have the ability to utilise the most modern method of construction including modular and off-site construction disciplines meaning that the dirt, dust and noise you would expect from traditional construction sites are greatly reduced.

Offsite construction also allows us to greatly reduce our time spent on site, sometimes by as much as half, which lessens disturbance even further. We are lucky enough to work with the most well respected architects, structural engineers and planning consultants in the industry which enables us to deliver outstanding schemes on even the most difficult of sites. As well as our team of architects and engineers we work alongside a dedicated team of acoustic and fire consultants to overcome the most common concerns of leaseholders and residents when carrying out airspace developments.

Offsite Construction
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Our developments our designed with safety of new residents as well as existing in mind. We do not use flammable cladding on any of or schemes, instead we employ high quality, tried and tested materials such as zinc and copper to clad the new penthouses. Our building control team work closely with the London Fire Brigade to review and approve the development designs and materials prior to commence of any works on site.

As part of our development we upgrade the existing communal areas of the building to meet and exceed current fire regulations, this includes installing fire doors, new fire alarms and sprinkler systems to the host building. Our team of specialist acoustic engineers ensure that the construction of the new apartments has no detrimental effect of the existing top floor apartments through the utilisation of robust details and rigorous acoustic testing. We endeavour to not only meet, but drastically exceed the acoustic requirements of Building control and the local council planning teams.

We pride ourselves on our sustainable approach to construction. All of the timber used in our developments is sourced from certified sustainable forests. As well as our sustainable approach to the sourcing of materials we are able to recycle on average 93% of our construction waste.

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